How To Remove 94-98 Saab 900 Alarm Immobilizer Unit

Recently my 1996 Saab 900 SE began giving me issues with it’s alarm. For some reason the FOB would not disarm the alarm, even after a fresh set of batteries. Unfortunately I had to open the door using the key which set off the alarm. To disable the horn from going off with the door open, you will need to remove fuse #23. The fuse panel is on the left hand side of the dashboard, it cannot be accessed when the door is closed. Once you’ve removed fuse #23 proceed with the steps below. I hope it helps, feedback is always welcomed and if you have questions or need help feel free to comment and I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!

Step 1. Remove the plastic door sill from the drivers side. Use a screw driver or trim removal tool and carefully pry under the door sill, start at one corner and work your way across.


Step 2. Once the driver side door sill is removed, you will have to remove the 4 torx bolts (T40) holding in the seat. There are 4 bolts, one in each corner around the seat. The images below show the location of each bolt starting with the top left corner of the seat as if you were sitting in it, then the top right corner, then the bottom left corner and finally the bottom right corner.



Bolt3Bolt4Once the 4 bolts have been removed the seat can be tilted back or removed completely once the electrical connector under the seat has been disconnected.

Step 3: Pull up on the carpet from where the carpet met the drivers side door sill. You should see the alarm immobilizer unit. It might be plastic or metal depending on the year. There are 2 nuts (10mm), one on each side that need to be removed and the electrical connector disconnected before the unit can be removed.


That’s it you have removed your immobilizer unit! Installation is the reverse of removal. Thank you and if you have questions feel free to comment.




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