Where Should We Go?


As days pass, and my redeployment date slowly approaches (and I mean slowly), I’m flooded with thoughts of not only what I’m going to do when I get home, but where I’m going to go. I do know it’s going to be a road trip with my wing-dog Justo Busto, and that we’re going to be camping. But other then that, nothing is decided.

As far as which vehicle I’m taking, it’s either going to be the Jeep or the Silverado. Both are relatively new to me and I don’t know much about their reliability. I haven’t had time to put much work into them either. Before I get home, I need to decide which one to take. The Jeep of course will be made for overlanding, but I’m not sure I’ll have it ready as quick as I want to hit the road. The Silverado on the other hand is going to be my daily driver. I’d just want to get her running and hit the road. Right now, I’m leaning towards the Silverado. The Jeep runs, but has quite a few issues such as rust and a bad parking brake that needs to be addressed. The truck is complete and once I figure out the starter grinding issue, she just needs a tune up (at least I hope).


So I think we’ve worked out that the truck will be our wheels for the journey, but where should we go , what supplies do we need, and what else should we pack? I’ve never done a camping trip that lasted over two nights. And it was a straight drive to the camp ground, setup, tear down and go. This trip will be different. I just want to head in any direction, with no preset destination. Camp sites near whatever route we decide will be screened before we leave, but where we go and when we get there will be determined by the travel.

For my camping trip that was only two nights. I packed about 6 gallons of water, a 6 pack of ginger ale, 10 Lunchables, and 2 cans of dog food for my dog. It worked out perfectly. For this trip, I want to actually use my camping stove. I’m thinking thick cut bacon, seasoned with black pepper and Munster cheese on a baguette toasted with butter (can you tell I’m hungry?). But besides that one meal, I need to figure out what staples we will carry in the cooler. Space is limited, and I’d like to avoid stopping in town as much as possible.


Outside of food, I’m not quite sure what supplies I need. I’ll need to do some research (research=YouTube), and see what issues others have ran into on road trips and what tools came in handy. Outside of that, health and hygiene are really important. I have the human aspect of health and hygiene down thanks to my time in the Service, but I want to make sure I’m prepared in case Justo Busto needs anything. I’ll need to contact our Vet for some feedback.

I’m getting excited writing this. I’m looking forward to my best friend, my truck and the open road. Sometimes people ask why I want to hit the road as soon as I get home from deployment, but honestly, home is where my dog is.


(Not my little guy by the way, I don’t have many pictures of him on my device out here, but none the less, he’s still a cutie).

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