First off, I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Also, I plan on keeping this blog post short. I’m still down range on this Thanksgiving day. It should be noted that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I used to think it was because of the food. I love pumpkin pie, turkey, cranberry sauce (yes, cranberry sauce), stuffing, gravy…pretty much all the fixings. But today when I woke up, I didn’t feel anything. The chow hall has a Thanksgiving dinner menu planned, but it didn’t mean anything. I realized I didn’t wake up Thanksgiving day looking forward to a feast. I woke up looking forward to family.

We have all grown up, left the nest, and began our own versions of adulting (some better than others). But when we all go to Mom’s for Thanksgiving, its like we’re kids again. We do some smack talking while we watch sports, Mom of course making us the best meal we will have all year. I like to poke around the kitchen, see if there are any dishes that need to be tested for quality assurance purposes. My Mom knows I’m hungry, she pulls out holiday themed cookies and sends them my way. I thank her and carry my reward to the couch where I am hesitant to share. I miss this. All of it.


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