I Miss My Mom.


Yup, I’m still deployed. At least once a week, every week, I try calling home to talk to my family. Today, I called my Mom, we were on the phone for over an hour. We don’t talk about politics, what’s going on in the news, or gossip. We just talk about life. What our plans are for the upcoming week, how our current week was, and what we ate during the day. It’s the small things, but they all mean so much. Today, my Mom was glowing when she told me how she bought a rather big pineapple for only $1.98, and in addition to that, she made out like a bandit with 4 big grapefruits for only $1.00. It was the most heartwarming thing to see. Before we got off the phone, she let me know she came across my old Princess Jasmine sleeping bag, and my Hunchback of Notre Dame lunchbox and told me she will hang on to them for me. I miss my Mom. If you live close enough, go visit your Mom and show her how much you love her. And if you don’t live close enough, call her and tell her. There are some that don’t have the luxury to do either. Be grateful, be thankful.


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