About Me


Hey there, I’m Battan. I like to relax and take things easy, but I also get work done. I’m a lot of different things, just like you. An employee, a dog mom, a goose egg collector, and a self taught (and continually learning) mechanic.

My approach to mechanics is pretty simple: trial and error. I have always had a fascination with cars ever since I was old enough to climb into a rusted out 1962 Alfa Romeo that sat in our garage as an apartment complex for spiders. Although my love of cars began at a very early age, I never actually picked up a wrench until I was 17 years old. A lot of it was well, because I was scared. Whenever I even talked about wanting to fix up a car, I got shot down and told it wasn’t for me. I wanted to try, but I was scared I would mess something up and prove everyone right.

Well it wasn’t until the spark plug in my Oldsmobile 88 caused me to fail a smog test that I picked up a wrench and decided to change it myself. I’ll be honest, I took it to the shop first under the advice of everyone else. But when they slapped me with a $600 estimate for a basic tune up, I rolled out of there with the 5 good spark plugs I still had. At this point in time, I didn’t know anything about cars, but I knew a good spark plug would run me close to $5 max. On my way home I stopped by the auto parts store and picked up a spark plug. Then I stopped at my local super store and picked up spark plug sockets, and a small tool set for $14.99. I was ready to get work done.

Now back in my day, YouTube wasn’t a thing yet. I googled how to change a spark plug and found a general set of directions, printed them out, and followed them. When I was done I went to start her up and almost crapped my pants at the violent shuddering that came from the engine. I quickly ran back to the computer to find the cause and realized the spark plug wires were out of order. After that day, I was hooked.

At The Broken Clutch Garage you won’t find anything fancy, but you’ll find quality work. I’m bound by a budget. My best tools are from Harbor Freight, and any nice tools I do have, were gifted to me. All my cars were Craigslist “treasures”, and any factory parts I use come from the junkyard.

My goals are simple, to bond with my cars, and to go on adventures together. Not everyone can understand why some of us bond with our cars. To most, cars are strictly utilitarian, but to me, they’re family.

If you’re a modest mechanic like myself, and even if you’re not, join me on my journey as I fix up my cars and hit the road in search of adventure.